“With objects which have an Eastern philosophy, I created a new genre which shows the humor of Asians, as well as joys and sorrows through my pieces. I show Eastern philosophies through Western painting techniques.”

– Kim Il Tae

Dragon is a symbol of honorable nobility, supremacy, and auspiciousness in the traditional Chinese culture. In ancient China, the dragon is also a symbol of imperial power as it possesses extraordinary leadership talent with a high degree of intelligence and supreme demeanor. The golden dragon is a sign of treasure and fortune, thriving recurrently in many areas. The golden dragon also marks joy and peace, a meaning of burgeoning prosperity.

龙,在中国传统文化中是尊贵与权势、出类拔萃的象 征,也是幸运和吉祥之兆。在古代的中国,龙,亦是 皇权的象征,龙者拥有超凡的领导天赋,具有极高的 智能和至尊的风范,且一生贵人不绝。金龙报喜象征 鸿运富贵,兴旺连连,万物逢生之景象。金龙报喜亦 蕴涵着喜庆祥和、繁荣昌盛之意。

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