Mixed 24K Gold & Oil On Ceramic
Canvas Size: 53 cm x 30.5 cm
Frame Size: 90 cm x 66.5 cm
Code: KIT-GCR-0092

The Keris has always been culturally significant in Malay history. It holds a special place in royal courts, bringing the meaning of majesty, power and high rank. This special piece was presented by Kim Il Tae to honour Malaysia’s monarch and culture at GOLD-A-Heart charity dinner in 2017. Guest of honour for that night was DYMM Tuanku Raja Perlis.

马来短剑(Keris)在马来历史上一直具有重要的文化意义。马来短剑在王室中拥有特别的存在,赋予威严、权力和高阶级的意义。金一泰在2017年的GOLD-A-Heart慈善晚宴上为纪念马来西亚君主和文化献上了这件独特的作品。当晚的嘉宾是DYMM Tuanku Raja Perlis。

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