Nude Woman

Mixed Platinum & Oil On Canvas
Canvas Size: 45 cm x 90.5 cm
Frame Size: 80.5 cm x 126 cm
Code: KIT-PCV-0068

Portraying nude figure is a tradition in Western art to express the ideal beauty and qualities of a human. It was first widely observed in Ancient Greek art, and then returned again during the Renaissance period. Conservative by culture, unclothed figures are not common in Eastern countries. This painting boldly reflects Kim Il Tae’s western influence in his works and a deep admiration for his lover and her young beauty. Traditional in comparison, Kim’s Nude Woman series illustrates only the back of a woman’s naked body with her facial identity hidden in Platinum.

在传统西方艺术中,裸体是用来表达人的美与特征。 这传统始于古希腊,并在各个艺术品中广为引用,之后在文艺复兴时期再度兴起。 然而东方文化非常保守,以裸体为主题的艺术品在东方国家并不普遍。 这幅画大胆地反映了金一泰作品中的西方艺术影响,也表达了他对爱人和她的年轻美貌深深的欣赏。 金一泰的《裸妇》系列以24K黄金展示了一位隐藏了面部的女性和她的裸体背影。

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