Praying Hand

Mixed 24k Gold & Oil On Ceramic
Canvas Size: 21.5 cm x 30.5 cm
Frame Size: 60 cm x 70 cm
Code: KIT-GCR-0030

Religion and spirituality are both matters that have always been close to humanity’s heart. Regardless of a person’s belief, most humans accept that there is an energy or source that is greater than ourselves. Some would call it God; some would call it the ultimate source creator. Putting our hands together is a form of gratitude we feel towards all that we have in our life. It is also a form of prayer and appreciation to God for providing us all that we ever need. We are blessed with more than enough, always.

宗教及信仰一直都是与人类心灵相近的事物。无论一个人信奉什么宗教,大多数人都相信有一股力量或能源比我们自己还大。有些人称这股力量为上帝,有的人称它为终极能源创造者。双手合十表示我们对生活所得到一切的感恩,也表示对上帝的一种祈祷和欣赏,为我们提供了我们所需要的一切。 我们总是幸运地得到赐福。

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