Annual dinner of General Chamber of Commerce of China

07/12/2019 | China

In conjunction with the annual dinner of General Chamber of Commerce of China, Aureo Gallery would like to express a special thank you to President Xiao Hong of the Hong Kong (Regional) General Chamber of Commerce of China and Liang Jiaxi, the leader of the cultural and creative group, for giving such a great opportunity and platform to us. Overnight, all the most important companies and government agencies got to know Aureo Gallery and Ryan San. Thank you, artist Ryan San, for your great support once again, for providing such a great stage link and work “Feng · Huang”.

Our China management head, Richie Chai would like to say thank you to our great team, Manager Chen, Manager Chi and Xiaoyu, you are the best and most professional team in the art world. Thanks to Director Liang and Director Wu of the Hong Kong Office in Beijing County Magistrate, County Du. Also, thank you to Will, Chairman of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in China for his support, Mr. Luo, Vice Chairman, Mr. Zhang Jianhao, Secretary-General, and my good entrepreneur, Brother Gaston, and Mr. Zhou, Infiniti ’s Greater China Brand Strategy Director. Thank you very much for your company and support. Thank you for your high evaluation of our unique artwork.