Beijing Poly Auction, China

10/05/2019 - 11/05/2019 | Beijing Poly Auction

With all the international recognition Aureo Gallery has been achieving representing Kim Il Tae, it has culminated a sale of Kim Il Tae’s piece at the prestigious Poly Auction in Beijing. It was with great honour that Kim Il Tae’s gold art made its debut at Beijing Poly Auction, one of the best auction houses in China. The initial opening price was RMB 330,000 and After a few rounds of exciting bidding, the artwork titled ‘Sunflower’ by Kim Il Tae was auctioned at a final hammered price of RMB 380,000! Now, Investors from all sorts of background is getting more awareness on how valuable it is to invest in gold in the form of art. Kim Il Tae is the only art virtuoso that is able to paint pure 24k gold on canvas.