Previous Session: Gold and Art, To Hold & Behold (Mandarin Webinar)

07/06/2020 | Malaysia

Gold and Art, To Hold & Behold 

Mandarin Webinar

Aureo Gallery held its second webinar in Mandarin this time, for Gold and Art, To Hold & Behold on Sunday, 7th June from 3 pm – 4 pm. Besides Aureo Gallery’s Founder Serena Chiam, two special guests including Dato’ Javern, a professional in financial planning industry, and Maurice Chenn, renowned Chinese Geomancy and Tarot Card Master were also invited to share their expertise.

Serena Chiam shared with us her experience of getting into gold art investment and the uniqueness of gold art, whereas Dato’ Javern shared his invaluable thoughts on how to reduce investment risk during Post-Covid period, and how gold helps to diversify and balance an investment portfolio. Maurice Chenn also shared the benefits and energy of gold from Feng Shui point of view. 

We sincerely thank everyone’s participation and hope the webinar has provided you with insights on gold, art, and investment. Please stay tuned for more interesting webinars in the future!