Kim Il Tae

Kim Il Tae

Aureo Gallery represents renowned South Korean artist Mr. Kim Il Tae in marketing and distributing his artwork in Asia. Kim Il Tae is the first and only artist in the world to have found a unique way to paint using 24-karat gold, the purest form of gold available, on canvas. He is known to paint and sculpt a series of golden images on canvas that have never been seen or done by any artists in the past. The medium of his self produced paint, which is mixed 24k gold, natural oils and a glue of his own succeeds in preserving the lustre and sheen of gold for thousands of years. His paintings, commonly bearing Eastern Oriental themes are painted and sculpted to life on canvas using unconventional tools like a brush, a fork and a spoon. His unique technique to produce Gold Art boasts not only his creativity, but also his unwavering challenging spirits.

Kim Il Tae (b. 1956) was born and raised in South Korea. He was always influenced by his mother who was an art teacher. He was good at art since he was a child but did not pursue an artist career when he graduated from college. It was only in his late thirties that Kim Il Tae rekindled his passion for art when he enrolled in San Francisco Art Institute to study oil painting. At that time, he harbored a dream of becoming an international fine art artist, to represent an Asian name in the fine art world.

After more than two decades, his hard work and perseverance paid off when he was invited to hold a 2-week solo exhibition in Saatchi Gallery, London in 2016. Saatchi Gallery is highly regarded as one of the most renowned gallery in the world that exhibits only the finest contemporary artworks. Today, his paintings are in the hands of some of most prestigious art collectors in the world, most notably Prince Michael of Kent, British Royal Family.



  • Art Works On-Display at Sun-Wen Overseas Representation in Hong Kong
  • Open ORO Gallery in Chung-dam
  • Special Exhibition : Co-exhibition with Professor Lee-yen


  • Gold Painting Works on Displays at Myeong-dong Cathedral
  • Private Exhibition in Lotte Avenue, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Awarded Art of Peace of World Buddhism from “Corporate International Association of Buddhist Priests”
  • Private Exhibition on Gold Painting Works for the Success of “World Buddhism Culture Olympics”
  • Private Exhibition on Gold Painting Works in Guangzhou
  • Exhibition at Contemporary Art Exhibition Student Museum of China
  • Private Exhibition at K-ART Gallery
  • Private Exhibition in Beverly Hills. LA, USA
  • On Display at Guangzhou International Art Fair


  • Private Exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
  • Awarded Grand Prize of Achievement in Gold Art of Filial Piety Awards
  • Awarded Grand Prize of Achievement in Creative Art of Glorifying Korea Awards
  • On Display in ORO Gallery in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, Korea


  • Private Exhibition at Bukchon Studio in Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea