Golden Pumpkin (2018) by KIM IL TAE

KIM IL TAE | Mixed 24K Gold & Oil On Canvas
Canvas Size: 45.5 cm x 38 cm | Frame Size: 84 cm x 67 cm
Code: KIT-GCV-0064


Pumpkins are one of the oldest domesticated plants, having been around since 7,500 to 5,000 B.C. It is native to North America and is culturally a symbol of abundance associated to Thanksgiving feast. Usually bright orange in colour, pumpkins are akin to natural wealth of the earth, believed to have absorbed energy from the ground to manifest gold. In Eastern culture, it is an auspicious fruit that is portrayed as plentiful abundance and prosperity.
南瓜是历史最悠久的驯化植物之一,它的栽培历史至少可以追溯到公元前7500年至公元前5000年 。它起源于北美洲,在当地文化象征丰裕,与感恩节有很大的关联,是美国人必不可少的一道佳肴。 土橘色的南瓜类似于地球上的自然财富,有人相信它从地下吸取力量,以显示它黄金色的外表。在东方文化里,这种象征吉祥的水果被描绘成丰足和繁荣。


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