The Last Supper(2019) by Kim Il Tae

KIM IL TAE | Mixed 24K Gold & Oil On Canvas
Canvas Size: 160.5 cm x 95 cm | Frame Size: 182.5 cm x 117.5 cm
Code: KIT-GCV-0107


Historically one of the most intriguing painting, The Last Supper is no foreign to the art world. Being a devout Christian, Kim Il Tae’s rendition of this famous painting has each of the thirteen faces skilfully & meticulously painted in 24K gold, achieving a high degree of technicality and details that are both breathtaking and impressive.
宗教信仰为人生提供慰藉。宗教信仰作为一个哲学范畴,带来了对人生目的和意义的追求。宗教信仰代表着人最终的渴望。宗教信仰给予人一个神圣的目标,引导人去反省自我、超越自我、塑造自我、完善自我 、实现自我,从而为人的情感、意欲、愿望、行动等提供精神基础。宗教信仰是一种精神满足和生命的泉源,也是一个人生价值观的导航。


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