Is a beautiful poem of a tale of life. The most primitive glory of maternal, never-ending shoulder on all the responsibilities, protect and provide all that she could. She courageously faces all the storms and her strongest is always deeply rooted in our heart.

一个的富有诗情画意,劳碌奔波的背影。总是一个劳动 中的农妇背影,却是一般风采迷人,闪耀着母性最原始 的光辉。记忆中的母亲,无论怎样的风吹雨打,她的背 影总是那样笔直挺拔,深深地扎根与烙在心里。

  • Subject Mother's Life
Gardening mother - Platinum on Canvas by Kim Il Tae
Gardening mother - Canvas dimension: 70 v 58 Art frame: 108 x 96 #20
3 Mother Life - Gold art on Canvas by Kim Il Tae
3 Mother Life - Canvas dimension: 72 x 62 Art frame: 100 x 89 #20