Mali x SUD (2019) by Ryan San

Ryan San | Acrylic on Canvas
Canvas Size: 100 cm x 100 cm | Frame Size: 102.5 cm x 102.5 cm
Code: RYS-ACV-0002


This piece is a tribute to trend culture and is a creative style commonly used in American street culture. Using representative symbols of various trendy streetwear brands, they are composed into a unique story. MALI and the white cats wear gold sunglasses, an act to represent mass worship towards wealth, power and luxury. Street culture uses this exaggeration to satirize the rich and the poor. It’s best to go against the trend, love the peace.
这作品是对潮流文化的致敬作品,是美国街文化常用的创作技术(Bootleg)。用了各种潮流街牌的代表符号,混搭成独具故事性的画面,花子与白猫穿金戴银,直视著对财富、权力和奢华的爱。但众所周知,街头文化就是通过这种浮夸去对于贫富悬作出讽刺。逆风而行 Love the peace。


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