Mali x Simpsoon (2019) by Ryan San

Ryan San | Acrylic on Canvas
Canvas Size: 80 cm x 100 cm | Frame Size: 84 cm x 104 cm
Code: RYS-ACV-0004


This artwork expresses “self” the most in Dare to love series as the character was created with the artist’s fashion taste (All Black). The artist values “self-love”. As everyone carries different roles in this chaotic society, who will be able to keep his original vision in place, be his better self and love himself?
这作品是Dare to love中最自我的创作,因为画家是以自己的时尚品味 (All Black) 去创作这角色,画家推崇著”自爱”。在繁乱的社会中,大家身上都背著不同身分角色。谁又能稳著初心,做好自己,爱护自己?


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