About Aureo Gallery

About Aureo Gallery

Aureo Gallery headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was established in 2017 by founder Serena Chiam, and co-founder Michael Teh, with their belief in creating recognition for artists’ whose inspirational artwork can appeal a deep spiritual connection within our soul. Equipped with their passion and experience in the world of business, they set forth a journey to establish an art gallery that represents innovative artists who can challenge the way we view art.

Since 2017, Aureo Gallery has exclusively represented Kim Il Tae and his artworks in Asia and exhibited his avant-garde work across different borders in locations like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Aureo Gallery will continue to represent and share the hard work of artists that strive to gain recognition for their disruptive and distinctive work of art.

Serena Chiam

It started in 2013, while on a business trip to South Korea, the distinctive works of Mr. Kim Il Tae caught the attention of skilled businesswoman, Serena Chiam. She was introduced to Mr. Kim at his private gallery in Seoul, where Kim was just starting to gain recognition for his pioneering form of gold art. Serena fell in love not only with his art, but with the idea of sharing his unique form of art with the world. Serena bought her first gold painting and she passionately believes that his art should be praised and shared globally. Through her determination and network, she successfully brought the first series of Kim’s paintings into Malaysia.

Michael Teh

In 2016, while at a private exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Serena met Michael Teh, a savvy equity investor and art collector who expressed a fond taste and liking towards Kim’s exquisite gold paintings. He instinctively developed a deep sense of emotional attachment towards Kim’s works and collected a few pieces of his own. Both Serena and Michael share the same vision in the potential of Kim’s work. It was from here that they decided to collaborate and form an art gallery together, bringing a synergy of Serena’s network strength and Michael’s investment and management capability to run the gallery to its fullest potential.

Aureo Gallery was founded on the principal of sharing art with the world. Not just any art, but uniquely innovative art that inspires and evokes the imagination of our human souls. Aureo Gallery has a vision to represent and share the culminated hard work of unique artists that continues to push limits and break boundaries in the art world.

Aureo Gallery is focused on supporting unique individual artists in exhibiting their art to the world. Our mission is to help them achieve the recognition they deserve in their journey of developing art that connects to the human soul.

Aureo Gallery Press Media Kit (April 2020)

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