Enhancing your Chi energy with feng shui gold art


Picture credit-Deviantart, author:grace2design

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese prehistoric ritual of geomancy or known as the art of positioning or arranging items auspiciously according to the precepts of feng shui. Its combination must be aesthetic and pragmatic, that is placing helpful items at where they look best. The translation term of feng and shui are wind and water. The 3000 years of developed knowledge of feng shui in China has taught us how to balance energies around us to bring good fortunes. To balance the energy around our space and attract good fortunes, we must align our lives with chi, also known as the universal energy.

If you are interested in placing feng shui items at home or office, it is crucial for you to be familiar with the different types of feng shui symbols, their meanings and if they are suitable for you. Here are some of the best feng shui items you can add to your home or office.


The tortoise is one of the four celestial animals (among tiger, phoenix and dragon) symbolizing safety, support and longevity. This symbol is demanded by many who wishes for a long healthy life and to cure negative energies from entering the house. The feng shui tortoise can be found in statuettes and paintings. Many experts place the stone tortoise in front of the door with its shell facing out to prevent incoming negative energy or at the back of the house if one’s land is lacking support or downward sloping. Other than that, displaying the tortoise at home or office may improve career luck, new business or job opportunities.

Pure 24k Tortoise Gold Art by Artist Kim II Tae


Dragon is also one of the celestial animals and it is believed to create treasured celestial Chi energy bringing safety, power and prosperity. This feng shui symbol brings good fortune, protects one from evil spirits and keeping one safe from danger. Hence, the dragon symbol is an ideal image to place at home and office.

Pure 24k Dragon Gold Art by Artist Kim II Tae


Horses were important for our ancestors as they were used for war, transportation and travelling. With this, horses were associated with meanings of nobility, speed, power, prosperity and triumph. Feng shui horses should be placed on wealth areas to enrich career and build wealth. These symbol items can either come in the form of statuettes and paintings. For statuettes, the head of the horses should face inside of the house as it represents the horse carrying wealth into your house. For paintings, the best ones come in five or eight horses sprinting forward as horses that are positioned next to one another helps strengthen personal relationships and businesses.

Pure 24k Eight Golden Horses Gold Art by Artist Kim II Tae

Wind chimes

As we know that feng shui is closely related to wind and water, wind chimes are a good feng shui item used to suppress and cure negative energy as well as an excellent enhancer for positive chi energy for attracting happiness, good luck and prosperity. The sound of the feng shui wind chime is believed to generate positive energy flow and reduce negative energy flow from harsh noises in our environment that triggers our emotional and behavioural changes.

Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Bamboo flutes

Bamboo flutes are a cure or remedy for negative feng shui. As this feng shui item represents peace, it will activate energies and neutralize the negative chi with the idea that the negative chi energy would enter one hole of the bamboo flute and leave at the other end. Because bamboo flutes are governed by the wood feng shui element, the wood energy will benefit East, South or Southeast areas of home or receivers who are auspicious to wood element in the productive cycle.

Feng Shui Bamboo flutes

Wealth ship

The wealth ship is a popular item in Feng Shui as it represents the smooth journey of the ship carrying wealth into your home. The head of the ship should always face towards the inside of your house. Many have believed and observed that Chinese tycoons are persuaded to have this wealth ship at home, office or both since it attracts and protects wealth.

Feng Shui Golden Wealth Ship

While choosing these feng shui items, it is important to know how these energies circulate in your home or office. For paintings, it is more than just energies. Be sure to choose the paintings you love as you will be enjoying the view for years. Identify the feng shui symbols you need in your painting at https://aureo.co/gold-art-collection/ to enhance the chi in your environment, and then truly choose the paintings you love looking at.