Aureo Gallery, Beijing Grand Opening

13/05/2019 | 北京市通州区宋庄美术馆对面1号 (Gallery) Beijing, China

Another glorious accomplishment, Aureo Gallery has officially launched the first international branch in Beijing, China. Where Aureo Gallery continues to grow and reach new market heights. Aureo would like to thank our guests of honour for gracing our new gallery opening, Vice President of Commentary Committee of China Artists Association, Former Chief Editor of magazine <ART> by China Artists Association, Wang Zhong 王仲 & Shan Jian Ning 山建宁, Chief Secretary of China Artist Association, Division of Tongzhou District. Such accomplishment will not succeed without the great support from the art community. Making us eager to bring the pristine art of Kim Il Tae to the art lovers and investors around the world.