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30/07/2020 | Webinar

Gold and Art, To Hold & Behold

Living the Art Lifestyle

Aureo Gallery held its third webinar of “Gold and Art, To Hold & Behold” series, with a new theme Living the Art Lifestyle on Thursday, 30th July from 3 pm – 4 pm. This time, our webinar was led by our Chief Curator Allyson Yeo, alongside two special guests Leo Silitonga, Founder of Art Moments Jakarta as well as Johannes Christian See, CMO of New Funnels (S) Pte Ltd.

With his rich and insightful experiences in the art industry, Leo Silitonga shared how he got into art and how this has influenced his life. Johannes Christian See also shared with us some of the latest lifestyle trend and how collecting art can be related to it. At the end of the session, Allyson gave a few introductions to Aureo Gallery’s artists and the webinar was wrapped up with answering some questions by our enthusiastic audiences. 

We sincerely thank everyone’s participation and hope everyone enjoyed it. Please stay tuned for more interesting webinars in the future! 

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