Knots (2013) by KIM IL TAE

KIM IL TAE | Mixed 24K Gold & Oil On Canvas
Canvas Size: 79.5 cm x 130.5 cm | Frame Size: 110 cm x 160 cm
Code: KIT-GCV-0065


When two souls collide, love blossoms. Having a companion to go through thick and thin with you will be life’s greatest blessing. Rose is the epitome of an everlasting love, signifying the eternal passion of two souls that transcends through time. The beauty of a rose expresses hope, promises, and new beginnings. Like an enduring love, a bud needs the sun and rain to blossom into beautiful red roses, or its lovely promises won’t come true.
最深沉的爱,总是同甘共苦;最窝心的情,总是一路同 行。快乐若有人分享,就会加倍;痛苦若有人分担,就 会减半。无论何种心情,过什么样日子,只要有人懂, 有人疼惜,就是最感动的幸福。平淡中的相守,才最珍 贵,简单中的拥有,才最踏实。坚贞不渝的爱情,是心 心相恋,爱的路上只有我和你。


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