Five Golden Pig (2013) by KIM IL TAE

KIM IL TAE | Mixed 24K Gold & Oil On Canvas
Canvas Size: 18 cm x 26 cm| Frame Size: 49 cm x 57 cm
Code: KIT-GCV-0081


Pigs are domestic animals adored in East Asia. With their stout bodies and love for food, pigs embody the idealism of happiness, enjoyment and blessings. In Oriental culture, golden pigs are very auspicious as it symbolizes wealth, prosperity, fertility, abundance, and a harmonious family life.
民间历来有传,财富之盛被誉为“金铢年”,亦称为 “金猪年”。金猪在中国传统文化中,预示财富增值 ,好运连连,家庭生活幸福美满。金猪报喜,必有祥 瑞之事发生,且诸(猪)事顺利,喜事连连。金猪报 喜寓意官位、权势节节高升。猪谐音“朱”,猪蹄的 蹄又谐音于“题”,合起来就是金榜题名的意思,象 征学子学业有成、考试高分、金榜题名。金猪报喜, 象征聚财得利,添丁添福,丰衣足食,家庭和睦,官 运亨通,鸿图大展,喜乐绵绵。


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