50 Golden Finites

Art in its Purest Form
The 50 Golden Finites

Kim Il Tae is retiring. This collection, the ‘50 Golden Finites’ is the last 50 treasured classics from this refined artist.

Every piece is arduous to create, but passionately and meticulously painted, taking anywhere from 4 to 8 months per piece to complete. The scarcity and demand factors have multiplied the value of these artworks and are perpetually being augmented.

Imagine the potential. Unravel the value.

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A Collection That Surpasses Time

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The Artist of the Gilded Era

Meet Kim Il Tae, a South Korean contemporary artist who dedicated 11 years to perfect his precious material–the 24K gold, and technique for his masterpieces. The world’s first and only artist to use 24K gold for his paintings, every piece of these 50 works of art are simply astounding and breathtakingly unique.

He wanted his works of art to last forever–or in his own words,

“something that will last for 1,000 years.”

When Artistic Values Converge with Monetary Values

When you acquire a piece of art, you are not only appreciating its beauty and value, but also investing in your assets. Investors prefer to buy art because they are buying security. From 1995-2020, art prices have surpassed the S&P 500 by 164%, making it one of the best investment options.

“It’s a 65-billion USD market with almost no volatility”

Deloitte estimates that 1.6 trillion USD are allocated into art investments by the affluent and this number would double by 2026.

One of the Finites was recently sold in December 2021 for 2 million USD.

Affluent collectors from around the world

Kim Il Tae has made his mark and held over 20 exhibitions all around the world, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Yangon and more. Hailed as some of the finest in contemporary art, his paintings even had a solo exhibition for two weeks at London’s Saatchi in 2016.

The Possibilities of the
50 Golden Finites are Infinite


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