Faith provides comfort to all life. As a philosophical category, religion brings the pursuit of purpose and meaning for life. It represents the person’s ultimate desire. It gives people the sacred goal and guidance of re action, transcendence, shapen, improves and realize themselves, thus providing the foundation for emotions, intentions, aspirations, and actions for a human being. It is the source of spiritual fulfillment, the fountain of life and a navigator of one’s values.

宗教信仰为人生提供慰藉。作为一种哲学范畴, 宗教 信仰具有追求为生活寻找支撑和意义的显着特征。表 征着人对终极关怀的渴望,它给人注入神圣的目标, 引导人去反省自我、超越自我、塑造自我、完善自我 、实现自我,从而为人的生活提供情感、意欲、愿望 、行动等的根基。一种精神的仰望和生命的泉源,一 个人生价值的导航。

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Buddhist, Mixed Gold and Oil on Canvas, 45 x 90 (cm) #20
Jesus Mixed Gold & Oil on Canvas 37 x 45 (cm) #8