Autumn (2018) by Ryan San

Ryan San | Acrylic on Canvas
Canvas Size: 120 cm x 100 cm | Frame Size: 122.5 cm x 102.5 cm
Code: RYS-ACV-0005


Ryan’s signature series, “Sudden Flowers” was inspired by the many fond memories of him and his paternal grandmother during his younger days. Ryan developed a special bond with his grandmother where he spent many summers playing chess and drinking tea together in Guangdong, China. Each time he left, his grandmother will secretly place a bag of red flowers in Ryan’s suitcase as a mark for peace and blessings. Over the years, red flowers became an association of love and strength to him.
辛朝殷的代表性系列作品《霎那花》,是由辛朝殷幼年和祖母的许多美好回忆所启发。辛朝殷与祖母之间有着非常特殊的感情。他在中国广东的无数个夏天和祖母一起下棋、喝茶。 自从随着家人到香港生活,每次与祖母离别时祖母都会在辛朝殷的行李箱中偷偷地放一袋红色的花,象征平安与祝福。即使过了许多年以后,奶奶手中的红花在辛朝殷的心里仍然充满了力量和爱。


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