Garden (2019) by Ryan San

Ryan San | Acrylic on Canvas
Canvas Size: 120 cm x 80 cm
Code: RYS-ACV-0006


The wisdom of nature is no less than humans. When flowers couldn’t move freely, bees and butterflies approach them for honey, concurrently spreading their seeds far and wide into the ecosystem to birth new life. Ryan San’s rhythmic brush strokes on gentle flowers expressed the richness of a person’s emotions against the calmness of flora, exploring a dynamic relationship between humans and nature.
大自然的智慧不亚于人类。当花朵不能自由移动时,蜜蜂和蝴蝶会接近它们获取蜂蜜,同时将它们的种子散布到整个生态系统中,从而带来新的生命。Ryan San 在柔和的花朵上用有节奏的笔画表达了人们对植物的丰富情感,探索了人与自然之间的动态关系。


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