春风桃柳 (1994) by Wu Guan Zhong

Wu Guan Zhong | Ink and Colour on Paper
Canvas Size: 39 cm x 39 cm | Frame Size: 99.5 cm x 99.5 cm


To catch the blossoms of new willow buds, Wu always made an effort to arrive at Jiangnan in early spring. Willow has always been one of Wu’s favourite painting subjects, marking the beginning of spring and the joy of welcoming a new year.
吴冠中会在早春时回江南 以赶上杨柳发新芽。柳树一 直是吴冠中喜欢的绘画主 题之一,象征着春天的开始 和迎接新的一年的喜悦。


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